Depot Operations
One of the most important job of CFA is handle depot operations.
Registration Certification copy of Sales Tax should displayed & visible.
First Aid Kit fully equipped should be present at easily approachable place in warehouse
Fire Safety measures should be followed : Fire Extinguishers should be properly placed with Date of
  Expiry Mentioned & Refilling date
We have adequate labour for loading & unloading . At present we are having 25 labour man
Ambulance , Fire , Police , CFA , Area Manager & Depot Incharge numbers out side the warehouse should
  be present
The warehouse , office should be clean on daily basis by use of broom.
Pest control should be done
As soon as the stock arrives , first thing is to check the invoice ( items / sku )
Allocate space for Empty cartons , Damage / Expiry Stocks
Allocate the space for the stocks truck wise
Any Damage stocks received should be kept under damage section made within the warehouse , if only
  carton is damage then replace the stocks to the empty cld of the desired pack & tape the carton.
The stack height should be as per the norms written on the carton.
Stacks should carry bin cards mentioning the quantity , packaging , batch.
After unloading the stocks prepare the GRN mentioning Good / damage stocks.
Stocks received should be entered in the system , if there is urgent demand of the received stocks then it is
  to be informed immediately to Area manager
Any POP or Gift item received to be entered immediately in the system & register
At the time of dispatch please ensure that the stocks are lifted on the basis of FIFO.
This could be possible only if the stocks carry bin card mentioning the pkd , batch so that the stocks are
  lifted accordingly
Ensure at the time of dispatch the invoice carries complete details of Party Name , address , Tin No. ,
  phone no. etc.
Ensure at the time of dispatches that the items are loaded as per the invoice , if there is any gift articles in
  invoice should be sent accordingly
At the time of loading ensure proper use of dunnage & stacking in truck should be done as per norms so
  as to avoid secondary damages
All deliveries should be acknowledged from drivers to avoid any legal complications at the later date
Before closing the Depot should file up the stock statement & match the book stock as per the physical stock
Before Closing The depot update the Area Manager with the closing stock & Sale figure for the day & month

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